Relay Calling

Relay Calling is a feature of Unlisted that lets you make calls over the phone network. This can often result in better call quality compared to calling over your internet connection. 

For example, Wi-Fi networks have notoriously bad call quality when making internet-based calls like we do in Unlisted. If you are on a Wi-Fi network, you may choose to make your call over the phone network using a Relay Call.

So how does it work?

When you choose to place a call using our relay service, you will be prompted to dial a phone number with your real phone. You may see some funny numbers and symbols at the end of the number we give you - that's a PIN code and it is encoded in a certain way so that your phone will automatically enter it for you.

Once we get your call, we dial the person you are calling. They get a call on their phone from your Unlisted number (not the relay number that you dialed).

That's it! Once they answer, you are connected with them via your real phone network. They won't know any different, and the quality should be much better!

When to NOT use relay calling:

There are a few times that you should not use relay calling

  1. If you don't want anything to appear in your phone log. When you dial our relay number, your real phone log and phone bill will show that you called the relay number. It won't reveal who you actually called, but if this is a deal breaker then we suggest not using relay calling. We cycle through random numbers, and if anyone calls the number they will just hear silence. You know best if this is ok for you.
  2. If you don't have phone service. If you only have an internet connection, then you can only use our normal VoIP/internet-based calling.
  3. If you don't have a US or Canadian phone plan. We only accept calls to our relay numbers from US or Canadian numbers. If you are based somewhere else in the world, then you should continue using our normal VoIP/internet-based calling option.

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